Pharma Visual Aid Services (Pharma VA)

Presenting your products ‘scientific content’ in front of medical practitioners for the sales growth is a tricky task. Pharma Visual Aid is one of the marketing collaterals which should be perfectly designed through scientific matter so that medical practitioner can understand the uniqueness and science of your product. To prepare a unique and attractive yet scientifically correct Pharma Visual Aid (Pharma VA) needs includes various tasks including content development, presentation concept and design of visual aid and print of finally approved Pharma Visual Aid.

Content Development for Pharma Visual Aid (Pharma VA)

From the active constituents of product and its dosage form (whether it is advanced drug delivery system or NDDS), we study the uniqueness of the product to focus the marketing concept or an idea to represent in front of medical practitioner. Over content developer, with co-ordination of your sales team, will trim out the perfect content for your products visual aid.

Pharma Visual Aid Design (Pharma VA Design)

We have expert designers who can understand the scientific content perfectly with coordination of our content team. So that whatever the design will be developed for Pharma Visual Aid, will be scientifically correct. However, it can be modified according to your sales team’s ideas and expectations. So that when Pharma Visual Aid will be represented to medical practitioner, it will be unique and according the medical science.

Pharma Visual Aid Designs by INGCOM INC.

Pharma Visual Aid Design1
Pharma Visual Aid Design2

Types of Pharma Visual Aid we design:

This type is recommended for multiple products and with defined strategy to be presented. If company has defined range of products to be presented at single practitioner, the Pharma Visual Aid book is a very good idea to print. It helps to find the specific products and flow of presentation of all the products will also be maintained.

Types of Pharma Visual Aid Books
  1. Hard Bound Visual Aid
  2. Normal Hard Bound Book

    Normal Hard Bound Book

    *Available in different thickness of papers

    Die-cut Hard Bound Book

    Die Cut Hard Bound Book
  3. Spiro Bound Pharma Visual Aid
  4. Normal Spiro Bound

    Normal Spiro Bound Book

    Die-cut Spiro Bound

    Die Cut Spiro Bound Book

Separate prints are good for the companies which is developing its segment portfolio. As this type of Pharma Visual Aids can be printed at any time for any product, it provides cost effective and flexible solutions for team leader to manage the printed inventory of marketing collaterals.

Product Visual Aids