Pharma LBL Design Service

What is Pharma LBL?

Pharma LBL or Leave Behind Literature are pamphlets that Medical Representatives leave at doctor's or pharmacists' desks, so that they can be referred any time for Product Literature. They serve as good reminders to doctors and health professionals about the product key features and qualities.

They can be considered as supportive document with the Pharma Visual Aids.

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Pharma Lbl Design Service2

Our Pharma LBL services:

Content for Pharma LBL

Our experts from Pharmacy background, will curate perfect scientific content for your pharma brand so that it can connect the science with the product.

Pharma LBL Design

Our designers present the scientific content in Pharma LBL very decently and in a scientific manner. Proper taglines and headlines will be highlighted, and the support content will be presented in descriptive manner. Connecting infographic and images will be presented according to the content of the product.

Pharma LBL printing

We provide Pharma LBLs Printing services with printing varieties. We optimise best quality printing at cost effective rates. Here are the features of our Pharma LBL printing services.

  • Various Thickness from 100 GSM to 350 GSM papers available for Pharma LBL
  • Lamination varieties for print quality and protection available
  • UV and other branding customization available
  • Die-cut Pharma LBLs can be printed
  • Delivery of prints throughout India
  • Packaging Customization available